QWhat time do you open?
AThe opening time for stores is as follows.
Entire building: 10:00 to 21:00
(However, the 6F / 7F and 30F / 31F restaurant floors are open from 11:00 to 23:00).
∗The opening hours differ for some stores.
QAre there any days that you are closed?
AWe have no scheduled holidays.
Q Is there an ATM?
AThere are ATMs located in Block 3 of 1F, Block 10 of 2F, Block 9 of 4F.There are also ATMs that allow you to withdraw cash using a credit card or a cash card issued by a foreign banking institution.
∗The cards that are accepted differ depending on the type of ATM.
QCan I withdraw Japanese yen using a China UnionPay card?
AYes. You can withdraw Japanese yen using the Seven Bank ATM located in Block 10 of 2F.
QCan I use credit cards?
AYes, various credit cards are accepted. However, there may be cases where credit cards cannot be used at some stores. For details, please check with the store.
QCan I use travelers checks?
AWe are sorry, travelers checks are not accepted.
QCan I exchange foreign currency into Japanese yen?
A You can exchange foreign currency for Japanese currency.
  • ·1F Block 12
  • ·4F Block 10
  • ·5F Block 5
QAre there tax-free stores?
AYes. For details, see here (Shop Information).
QAre there shop staff who can speak a foreign language?
AYes. There are information staff who can speak English. Please feel free to ask them anything. Block 12 of 1F (Solamachi Shopping Arcade), Block 5 of 3F, Block 5 of 4F and Block 5 of 5F
QDo you have floor maps in foreign languages?
AYes. Tokyo Solamachi has floor maps available in English, Chinese, and Korean.
QHow can I get to Haneda Airport/Narita Airport from Solamachi?
AFor details, please see here (Access).
QPlease tell me in detail how I can get to Solamachi.
AFor details, please see here (Access).
QCan I send products that I have purchased to an address overseas?
AYes. You can make arrangements at the Sagawa Express Home Delivery / Temporary Baggage Storage Counter in Block 7 of 1F.
QAre there baby rooms?
AYes. Block 7 of 1F, Block 3 of 3F, Block 7 of 4F, and Block 9 of 6F (Solamachi Dining)
QCan I rent a baby stroller?
AWe do not offer any baby strollers for rent, but we have shopping wagons with a baby chair. In front of elevator in Block 3 of 1F, In front of escalators in Block 12 of 1F, Next to escalators in Block 3 of 2F,Block 5 of 3F
QCan I rent a wheelchair?
AYou can rent a wheelchair at the Information Counter in Block 12 of 1F, Information Counter in Block 5 of 3F and Information Counter in Block 5 of 4F.
QAre there coin lockers?
AYes. For details, please see here (Facilities & Services) (Floor Guide (PDF)). Costs are as follows. Large locker 700 yen, Medium locker 500 yen, Small locker 400 yen and Refrigerated locker 100 yen.
QWhat kind of place is Tokyo Solamachi?
AIt is one of the largest commercial complexes in Tokyo and features an aquarium and planetarium.
QWhere are the free Wi-Fi spots?
ATOKYO SKYTREE TOWN® offers free Wi-Fi ! SSID:TOBU_Free_Wi-Fi
※Not available in certain areas. For instructions on how to use the free Wi-Fi, please see here (PDF).
QAre there Japanese restaurants?
AThere are Japanese restaurants in Tokyo Solamachi.

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